Additional Services
In support of our service we do contract in a small number of third party services. All third party suppliers have to meet rigorous selection criteria to ensure they meet our high standards of service.

Our aim is to ensure your experience with us is as full and tailored to your exact requirements as possible.

On board, the helicopter's cabin space for a large spread is very limited. However, basic but high quality, small scale, cold catering can be provided. Croissants for breakfast, pastries, sandwiches and hor'dourves are good examples of what is practical. Of course, champagne and other beverages can also be supplied.

With hold space large enough for suitcases and golf clubs, a picnic hamper is no trouble to transport if this complements your day.

Please do not feel limited by the ideas given here: if you have a specific requirement we would be pleased to look into making it happen.


Limousine hire
We would be delighted to secure the services of a limousine company for your use, ensuring all arrangements are just as you expect. With a network of preferred suppliers we will be able to obtain the services of a reputable company, wherever you choose to land.


If a stay of any kind is part of your itinerary then Universal Air Service would be pleased to recommend hotel accommodations for you. We can liaise with the relevant establishment to identify a suitable helicopter landing site to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.
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