Executive Travel
Whatever your business reason - a helicopter from Universal Air Service helps you rise above the crowd.

The only helicopter service capable of giving you what you need - BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. Contact us and you'll see the difference. Universal Air Service can provide you with the flexibility you've been looking for. Whether a long term contract or a short flight across town, Universal Air Service will be your partner.

The single most impressive advantage is the efficiency Universal Air Service can bring to your company as helicopters are a fantastic time saving tool. Chartering with Universal Air Service allows you to plan a schedule that would not otherwise be possible, maximizing productivity and minimizing hours lost away from the office. Using a helicopter to visit multiple sites, taking an entire Board in one go is simply not achievable by any other means.  Even time spent in the helicopters can be put to good use as meetings can be held in the cabin during flight. Universal Air Service's helicopters will lift you high above the troubles of traffic congestion leaving you to enjoy the only reliable travel service for corporate executives.

Not only can we help you with efficiency but we can also assist with impressing clients. Arrive at an important meeting by luxury helicopter chartered from Universal Air Service. Take customers out to lunch or to a sporting event traveling in comfort and style.  Show your clients how important they are by including Universal Air Service transfers in your itinerary ensuring you all arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the day ahead. If it is a large group you are entertaining, shuttle flights from one or two collection points can work well. This method ensures the whole party arrives within a known time frame eliminating the uncertainties of individual travel arrangements.

Charter a Universal Air Service helicopter and make arriving and departing the most memorable part of your corporate hospitality day for all the right reasons!
We provide corporate interiors with the busy executive in mind.
  •  Spacious interiors
  •  Air conditioned / heated
  • In-flight telephone
  • Internal communication system
  • AM/FM/CD/XM stereo systems
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Large fleet of corporate aircraft
  • In-flight catering
  • Ground transportation and limousine service available
  • Convenient hotel and airline pickup
  • Flight services and contracts designed specifically for your needs

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