Utility Division
Inspection Services

Power line/Pipeline Survey helps you manage your network through several different methods:

Pipeline, power line, and fiber-optic line patrol is best performed by a helicopter.  Its excellent visibility and the ability to fly low and slow, or hover and land, makes the helicopter the best aerial patrol aircraft.  Universal Air Service utilizes helicopters to conduct survey operations on power and pipeline assets.  Helicopters allowfor safety, flexibility and cost effectiveness in surveying network assets, vegetation and human interference.

We are able to provide our pipeline and power line patrol services through the Eastern United States and can design a timetable and cost outline suited specifically to your needs.

Detailed Visual Inspections:

* Standard Aerial Patrols

* Infared Inspections

* Hands-on Inspections

* POST Inspections

* Video Patrols, Standard & HD

* Comprehensive visual line              inspection and patrol

* Personal transport and line crew      movement

* IR equipment and thermograph

Disaster Relief

Universal Air Service has always believed that the unique qualities and characteristics of the helicopter provide the community with an evacuation and medical transportation alternative.  In fact, Universal Air Service has been involved with various medical transportation service providers and is very proud to have assisted in saving lives.  In the event of a major natural catastrophe, such as hurricanes, Universal Air Service has plans in place to aid local agencies to help the community in any way possible.  We were very active in the aid of Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, FL and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Storm Patrol

After storms, tornados, or hurricanes the helicopter is the perfect means to quickly inspect assets and ascertain any damages that they have received.  The helicopter can also be used to transfer crews or equipment to sites inaccessible by road.  Being based in Central Florida allows us to reduce the mobilization charge and quick response.  "We will always have an aircraft and crew available 24/7 in Florida and Georgia."

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